It all starts with a Business Review.  The first step in reducing your labor costs is to conduct a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your current labor strategy and management program.

Goals of the Business Review:

Identify opportunities, provide recommendations and generate solutions designed to help you reduce your labor costs and increase the productivity of your workforce.

How it works:

Our People Logistics Team of Workforce Management experts immerse themselves in your business to examine the specific areas that are creating business challenges while directly impacting your labor costs.

Areas of a Business Review include:

Labor spend, overtime management, temporary staffing utilization, labor scheduling, labor spend to production ratios, turnover, legal and compliance, claims management, unemployment, worker’s comp, etc.

Why should I invest in a Business Review?

  1. You already know what your Workforce Management problems are but don’t have the knowledge or the resources to solve them at the root cause level.
  2. You don’t have access to the right Workforce Management in-house expertise.
  3. You want to save money on your labor costs and decrease your reliance in temporary staffing.

Our Business Review Services include:

  • HR Operations Gap Analysis
  • Safety Program Management Assessment
  • Labor Cost Impact Analysis
  • Turnover Analysis
  • Market Wage Analysis

Interested In Saving?

Our BUSINESS REVIEW is a no-risk way to see how People Logistics will change the way you utilize labor. Our process will identify at least $250,000 in savings on your labor spend. Guaranteed.