Industries Served

At Eclipse Advantage, industry leaders trust us to provide people-based supply chain workforce solutions that give measurable performance improvements and data-focused accountability. We proudly support the critical industries that keep our economy running. Our supply chain workforce solutions can be found driving today’s businesses forward in:

Warehousing & Distribution

No matter the industry or size of your business, we are the experienced partner who gives confidence that your supply chain workforce will deliver high throughput and accountability, keeping your inventory tracked and moving.



Our reliable and accountable supply chain workforce solutions are more critical than ever to meet the demands of today’s retail and e-commerce businesses, where efficient online order fulfillment is key.


We have deep expertise in grocery and food distribution supply chain workforce solutions, where there’s a need to support temperature control, cold-chain oversight, traceability and strict regulatory compliance.


Food Manufacturing

Our food processing and manufacturing supply chain workforce solutions are efficient and flexible, so you can improve picking & packing throughput across your production line.

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