Why use a Managed Supplier Program (MSP)?

Your contingent supply chain workforce is the critical force behind an efficient operation. But managing the distribution center is a huge job, and with multiple staffing agencies to source the workforce, it becomes even more complex and often chaotic. That’s where a Managed Supplier Program (MSP) can be a huge benefit in removing the burden.

What Is an MSP?

A Managed Supplier Program, or MSP, is an enterprise-wide strategic solution that streamlines your suppliers, solves workforce issues, and gives you superior access to contingent workers. An MSP optimizes your workforce, improving efficiency and helping you make more informed contingent labor decisions.  


Backed by a vendor management system (VMS) that aligns with your needs, an MSP consolidates your contingent workforce management throughout the entire staffing lifecycle. 

Is an MSP Right for Your Needs?

If you’re new to Managed Supplier Programs, you might be wondering why you’d even need one. Here’s how the People Logistics MSP can help:

Why Choose People Logistics for Your Managed Supplier Program?

Our only focus is on the supply chain. We are the light industrial managed service partner you can rely on for streamlined, cost-effective contingent workforce supplier management. With People Logistics, you get a team of experienced program managers and coordinators who help you oversee your preferred staffing suppliers. And, if new to an MSP, we can help you source the best staffing suppliers to meet your light industrial needs.

Supply Chain Management Expertise

Management of your contingent staffing is our sole focus. That means we have the niche expertise to understand the dynamics and challenges within the walls of your distribution center as we seek to optimize your staffing needs.

A Better Vendor Management System (VMS)

We work exclusively with SAP Fieldglass VMS, which streamlines your workforce management tools to give you the power of total workforce visibility, comprehensive reporting, efficient processes, and compliance.

Cost Savings Options

We’ll save you time, money, and resources with our optimal supplier and program rates, smarter utilization savings, and higher conversion rates.

Your Supply Chain Managed Supplier Partner

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