Through a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your  current labor strategy and  workforce management program, the People Logistics Team of Workforce Management experts immerse themselves in your business to examine the specific areas that are creating business challenges while directly impacting your labor cost. We identify opportunities, provide recommendations and generate solutions designed to help you reduce your labor costs and increase  the productivity of your workforce.

How We Help Warehouses Like Yours

Our Labor Optimization and Workforce Management Solutions include design, implementation, and administration of:
  • Master Labor Planning & Scheduling Strategies
  • Talent Acquisition Strategies
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Production Efficiency Strategies



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Ready for your business review?

Get a consultation to learn how we can customize a plan for your distribution center, including:

  • Topline Findings and Recommendations Presentation
  • In-depth Findings and Recommendations Report
  • Efficiency Outcomes and  Supporting Analysis
  • Summary Roadmap to the Desired Future State
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